Here’s A Quick Way Your Team Can Accomplish Goals

January 28


Teams are all about goals.  We have personal goals, short-term goals, and long-term goals.  But before we get into how to actually accomplish your goals, let’s go back to the beginning and check out what you need to accomplish your goals.  I’m not talking about follow-through and desire and motivation…much more basic than that.  I’m talking about the day after your season is over and you’re already looking forward to the following season…what will you need?

Here are the 3 things you’ll need in order to accomplish your goals

1.       Task:  Our teams are just groups of people with a common goal…to win!   But that can’t be our only reason for gathering together.  What are your personal goals for your team?  What type of players would you like them to be when you’re finished with them?  What type of people?  And what are your team’s goals?  Are they goals that each member can get behind and believe in?

2.       Team:  Every team begins the season with a goal that is months away…to win a conference or national championship.  It’s the coach’s job to navigate the time between imagining the goal and actually accomplishing it.  There could be personnel issues (players not getting along or not getting it done in the classroom) or there could be injuries.  Or, there could be blows to confidence in the way of poor performances and losses.  Whatever it is, our job as coaches is to keep the team focused on the goal.

3.       Individual:  Each person has a stake.  The problem is…they’re all probably very different!  It could be based on age (your freshmen won’t have the same urgency as your seniors), it could be based on skill level (your non-starters will have dramatically different expectations than your starters), or it could be based on history (your team leaders could have a real desire to leave their mark on your program).  I’ll tell you this though, every person on your team needs to have a stake (or a reason to come to practice every day) in order for goals to be accomplished.   A team can’t function if some of its members have checked out…so be sure that everyone on your team has a reason that’ll keep them engaged.

Those were the basics.  Check back next time for a step-by-step process to accomplishing your goals.


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