3 Lessons Your Team Can Learn From The Movie Hoosiers


In Effective Use of Films For Goal Setting, I talked about the movie Hoosiers and how it can be used to challenge your team to blow past preconceived notions of how good they can be.  I haven’t used the movie as a rah-rah “let’s beat the dominant team” motivator, because I don’t want them to be that fired up about one team.  I talked about it in the post linked above…you should check it out.  It’s such a good movie that I’ve come up with more topics that you can use with your team during the season. Here are three ways that you can discuss Hoosiers if you decide to watch it with your team.

3 amazing lessons from Hoosiers

It takes teamwork to make the dream work
Ideally, your team is highly motivated and focused on what they want to accomplish personally as well as corporately.  It’s our jobs as their coach to push them along the way…reminding them that accomplishing goals and dreams shouldn’t be easy.  It will require hard work and perseverance.  Most times, the dreams that keep your team up at night will be bigger than their britches…accomplished only through the power of the group.  After all, is it really a dream if you can do it all by yourself?

You gotta play the game
To me, this is the major lesson of this movie.  You’ve got to lace up the shoes and give yourself a shot.  If you learn anything from Hoosiers, it’s got to be: the court is the same size, the hoop is the same height, and the rules are the same for both teams.  Sure, one team is favored over the other…but nothing matters until you play the game.  If your team can get to a place where they believe they have a chance to win (even when no one else shares that belief), then guess what?  They’ve got a chance to win!

Sometimes things work out just how you want them to
Every now and then, you’ll have a magical season.  Your seniors will step up, your freshmen will play over their heads…all culminating with winning the big game.  Sometimes it’s nice to let your team open up their brains to feeling good about the team and the season…to the possibility of everything working out.  It may not, but I think it’s more likely to happen if they’ve got a vision of what it’d look and feel like in their heads and hearts.

This is a great movie to get your team fired up about working hard.  Hoosiers is exciting, dramatic, and emotional…sounds a lot like the sports season, right?