7 Websites That Will Make You A Better Coach


It’s that time of the year, where everywhere you go you’re hearing about the “top ten” this and the “best of” that…so I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon.  I am admittedly addicted to all things electronic and social media, so I’ll just go ahead and call myself an expert about this stuff.  My bookmarks tab is quite long (well beyond the seven that I’m about to talk about!), full of blogs and websites about coaching, team building, business, and volleyball.  I don’t want to say that these are the best of the best, but most of them have tons of information on them and should you desire to use your winter break for bopping around on the Internet, this should give you a good start.

  • First, I stop off at Twitter. I know folks think that Twitter is full of updates about what people had for breakfast that morning, but it’s actually got a lot of useful information on it.  What’s helped me with Twitter is separating people into lists…I’ve got lists for athletics, business, motivational, education, and a few more.  That way, I can go directly to something that I’m looking for rather than having to sort through everyone’s tweet updates.
  • Then there’s usually something on Twitter gets me interested in the Harvard Business Review’s blog, so I go on over there.  I think there are a lot of ties between the business and sports worlds with their emphases on team, so I often find a lot of good stuff here.  Twitter address: @HarvardBiz
  • After bopping around on HBR’s website, I typically head over to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website.  Some of their articles require a subscription, but most don’t.  As college coaches, we’re part of the higher ed stratosphere, so we’ve got to know what folks are talking about on campus.  Twitter address: @chronicle
  • If I’m looking for an inspirational story that will get the gears in my brain moving, I head over to The Talent Code’s blog.  This is the blog of the author of The Talent Code and he’s got great takes on practice, coaching, and what makes people great.
  • Then it’s down to business…that means volleyball people!  First I check on D3vball.com because it’s kind of a one-stop shop for all things Division III volleyball.  It’s a pretty interactive website that allows you to search by team or conference to see what’s going on all over the country.
  • And in the off-season when I’m thinking of good strength and conditioning ideas for my team (because we don’t have a S & C coach here), I check out two websites…Learn2TrainSafely and Training For Volleyball.  I’ve spoken with the guys who run both of those sites and know that they’re pretty fired up about training correctly and safely.  The Learn2Train site has a lot of nutrition stuff on there and is focused on training the female athlete, so that’s cool.  And Training For Volleyball (affiliate link) is more video driven, which is nice if he’s talking about something that’s new to you.

So click away and I know you’ll find some good info out there!