Compilation Of Knowledge From Coaching Legends

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I had some fun during March Madness.  I wrote a bunch of articles based on the thoughts of basketball coaching giants.  Check them out and learn from the masters.

The John Wooden series:
John Wooden won ten national championships in twelve years at UCLA.  I’d say that gives him the right to define what success within a team construct looks like!  He was also a successful coach off of the court, we know that from the reverence his former players give him.  I’m sure all of us are trying to create those types of relationships and programs…so why not study the master?

John Wooden TEDtalk
Leading With Integrity
Wooden’s Three Team Rules
The Pressure Of Winning

The Mike Krzyzewski series
Coach K has been tremendously successful on many levels: spanning decades, working with collegiate athletes at Duke University, working with professional athletes during the Olympics…you name it, he’s done it.  So when someone with that sort of resume tells us what the fundamental qualities of effective teams are, we should listen!

5 Qualities That Make Every Team Great
Creating A Connected Culture
On The Value Of Hard Work

The Pat Summitt series
She’s got over a thousand wins with Tennessee basketball.  Over a hundred NCAA tournament wins.  Thirty Sweet 16 appearances. 18 Final Fours.  And eight national championship.  In her entire career (which started in 1974), she didn’t have a double digit losing season!  I think it’s fair to say Pat Summitt was an amazing coach.

Using Feedback As Motivation
How To Teach Leadership
Goal Setting According To Pat Summitt

The Tara VanDeVeer series
Tara VanDerveer has won over 900 basketball games, Pac-10 conference coach of the year ten times, and two national championships.  So she’s pretty good.  Check out these articles based on the Stanford basketball coach’s thoughts.

Is Your Best Athlete Your Best Leader?
The Two Sides Of Every Coach