Fave Friday!: My Favorite Five From Coach Dawn Writes


Everywhere you look today, you’re going to see Top 10 lists for this or that.  But I know that you’ve got big plans for the evening and don’t have time to sit around reading about my favorite ten posts from Coach Dawn Writes.  So in the interest of letting you get ready for that exciting shindig you’ve been invited to, I’ve got my five favorite posts that you may have slept on this year.

5 Coach Dawn Writes posts that deserve more love!

1.       This post is like a mini manifesto and the basis of the entire blog.  It’s about becoming a coaching nerd, studying up on your craft, and just immersing yourself in getting better at what you do.  I know that there are lots of coaching nerds out there.  They look like volleyball coaches, soccer coaches, basketball coaches, field hockey coaches…you get the picture.  They love their sport, they love teaching their sport, they love learning about their sport and their craft.

2.       Being a coach of female athletes has been an amazingly wonderful experience.  I love creating a community of like-minded young ladies and motivating them to be successful.  Over the course of time, though, I’d heard a lot of chatter about girls not being competitive or about the need to treat women with kid gloves and I came up with this article.  It’s about how to properly motivate female athletes for success…for now and in their future.

3.       It’s fun to talk about leadership, because I believe it’s what we do.  We are leaders, we build leaders…sports is all about leadership.  So when I saw an opportunity to pair leadership with my favorite childhood cartoon, I jumped at the opportunity!  As a kid, there were many Saturday mornings spent with me plopped in front of the television, watching Voltron…this great cartoon about mechanical robots charged with protecting their nation.  Anyhoo, there’s a strong leadership and team roles connection to be made, so check out my post about Voltron and leadership here.

4.       We all have folks on our teams whose personalities don’t fit together all that nicely and we’re quietly watching to make sure things don’t blow up on us.  I believe a good team should have all types to be successful, but having those different personalities can be challenging for the person who has to manage them…that’s you coach!  But having your teams take a personality test can help everyone get to know their own strengths and weaknesses as well as understand why certain folks act the way they do.  I favor the DISC method and I wrote a bit about it here.

5.       I loved this when I saw the original!  I wrote about the five stages of a coach’s career after seeing the bullet points on another coaching blog.  I think they’re pretty accurate (at least thus far) and it’s fun to think through what stage that I think I’m at…even more fun to ask another coach where they think you are in the continuum.

Well, that should do for now folks.  Have fun tonight and have a wonderful beginning to what is sure to be a fabulous new year!

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