Have Microphone, Will Travel: Booking Coach Dawn To Speak To Your Group


Hey folks…Coach Dawn Writes is going on the road!  As you start planning out the professional development of your staff, think beyond the X’s and O’s.  Check out the list below for possible ideas that I can talk to your group about.  You can also check out my Speaking Engagement page for more information.  I’m excited to meet some of you out there and know that we’ll be able to work well together.  And most important of all…we’ll be able to make each other better at what we do!

Sample speaking topics Coach Dawn can bring to your group

  • Book discussion, Coach Dawn’s Guide To Motivating Female Athletes
  • How Coaches Can Manage “Girl Drama”
  • Using John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success to Build a Successful Season
  • Motivating the Female Athlete to Success
  • Using Personality Tests to Build Team Chemistry
  • Marketing Women’s Athletics: Why It’s Important
  • Leadership Training: 10 Traits to Foster in Your Team Leaders
  • The Catch 22: Work-Life Balance
  • Wish List: The 8 Must-Have Qualities You Must Instill in Your Athletes
  • Increasing the Competitiveness of Your Female Team


4 ways to have Coach Dawn come speak to your group

  • Keynote speaker
  • Half day speaker for conferences and seminars
  • Full day speaker for conferences and seminars
  • Small group leader


Folks who should book Coach Dawn to speak to their group

  • Athletic Directors or Conference Commissioners
  • Club/AAU Directors
  • Conference & Seminar organizers


If that sounds interesting to you, then check out the Speaking Engagement page and shoot me an email so that we can connect with one another!