Coaching nerds unite! Study up on your craft


“Those nerds are a threat to our way of life.” –Stan, Revenge of the Nerds

When I met the lady who would eventually be the maid of honor in my wedding, we bonded over our general nerdiness concerning volleyball.   When we talked to each other, it was while peppering.  When we decided to attend the AVCA convention together, we mapped out our session schedule so that each of us would see different presentations to better maximize our learning.  At that same convention, we talked about our volleyball goals while setting the volleyball back and forth.  We were a coaching match made in heaven.

That’s the mental image I had in my head when I started this blog.  That it would be a community of coaches who just couldn’t get enough of learning how to be better at what we do and share their secrets that have been fruitful for them.  I believe to my core that there are a lot of coaches out there doing a lot of really good things…we’re just not connected.  What if all of us coaching nerds had one gathering spot (here!) where it would be okay to admit that you’re obsessed with being better and learning more?  Where it was okay to admit that you’re excited about your job and about your team?

So let’s all of us coaching nerds unite here at Coach Dawn Writes and challenge those who aren’t quite as nerdy to raise their nerdiness quotient.  Our teams and our craft will be all the better for it!