Why Do You Coach?


“Once you know your greater purpose, there are lots of roads that will take you there.”
Where There’s a Why, There’s A Way

I’ll start.

I coach because I believe in it.  I coach because God created me to coach.  I coach because I’m good at it.  I coach because I believe sport creates better humans than those who don’t participate.  A bit judge-y, I know, but it’s how I feel.  I coach because I enjoy working with young people and watching them transform themselves into better players, teammates, and friends.  I coach because it’s amazing to watch a group of people accomplish a goal.  I coach because I think it’s important for young ladies to learn about leadership, winning and losing with grace, conflict management…all the stuff of teams.

So that’s my why.

Check out the article linked above, it’s very good.  I completely agree with its premise that there are many ways to skin a cat, many roads that can take you to your why…many “hows”, if you will.  In my case, I could coach club, I could coach high school, I could coach at any level as long as I’d be able to accomplish my why.  It’s the why that’s important, not the where or the how.

Coaching truly is an amazing profession.  Challenging?  Sure…but it wouldn’t be fun if it were easy.

Your turn.

I’ll ask again:  Why do you coach?