You Should Know About: Coach and Athletic Director


I started thinking about how much I love reading things online and about how I wonder if people love these sites as much as I do…so I decided to write a series about the various sites I like to visit.  I’m not getting paid to write these posts or anything, I just think the websites are informative.  Here’s my one disclaimer: I write for the Coach & Athletic Director website (Toot! Toot!  That was me tooting my own horn.), but I promise they didn’t ask me to write this!  Stick with me over the next few days as I talk about some of my favorite websites.

Fun facts about Coach & Athletic Director

  1. C & AD has been around forever. In its paper version, this magazine has been around for more than 80 years.  There’s a wealth of information to be had on the site whenever you pop in to check everything out.  Navigating on the first page, you’ll see my blog featured along with two other blogs written by their editors.  Below that, you’ll see features from the current issue of the magazine…everything from sports psychology to technical articles about soccer.
  2. It’s Big 3 focused. By that, I mean football, basketball, and baseball.  But who says that a volleyball or soccer coach can’t learn from other sports?  Not me!  For instance, the beginning of a baseball pitcher’s motion is similar to an attacker in volleyball.  So when I saw this article talking about how to put together a pitcher’s warmup routine, I was interested.  Does everything translate?  Nope.  Will I use some of it?  Sure will!  There are lots of articles about head coaches and their keys to success on there as well…definitely something we can all learn from.
  3. Good strength & conditioning articles. If I weren’t a volleyball coach, I’d love to be a S & C coach…I love all things lifting, conditioning, and nutrition!  If you don’t have your own strength and conditioning coach at your school, it’s definitely worth a look.  They talk about everything from training athletes that are injured to working with female athletes.  Good stuff…you should check it out!

I believe we should constantly try to get more knowledge and I don’t believe we’ve always got to attend a conference or seminar to acquire it.  Check out this site and see if it’s got anything good for you…I’ll bet it does!

I’m on the computer too much, I’ll admit to that…there’s so much information out there and I want to soak it all in.  I enjoy reading about coaching and seeing what other folks are doing.  Over the next few days, I’ll highlight four websites that you may not have heard about, but deserve way more love!  Coach & Athletic Director, Women Talk Sports, ESPN W, and Alliance of Women Coaches.