How To Motivate Female Athletes

Here’s an excerpt from an article I recently had published in Athletic Management magazine:

Until recently, it was not politically correct to think of women as different.  If you said women were equal, then they couldn’t be different.  The wonderful news is we can now say women are equal and different.  And that’s a huge and dramatic breakthrough.

–Gender and Competition:  How Men and Women Approach Work and Play Differently

Girls just aren’t competitive.  We’ve all heard it before and I’m here to tell you that it’s simply not true (I wrote about it over here).  Perhaps you have a coach who has struggled to find her voice and get buy-in from her team.  Or maybe you have a staff of new coaches who can’t figure out why the same tactics that they’ve used with male athletes won’t work with their female teams.  The answer may not be that today’s athletes are less focused or motivated, but rather the coach needs to understand that motivating female athletes is vastly different than motivating males.  I’ve had many successful seasons and would like to share with you some of the things that have brought me success in coaching female athletes at all levels and discuss how we can prepare our athletes for success in the years after their sports careers have ended.