Using Supplements To Get Lean

It’s something I see very often or get asked about quite regularly… What are the best supplements to help me lose weight and gain muscle?

And I really wish that there was a simple answer for this like “protein powder” or “creatine”. But unfortunately, there isn’t.

It seems everyone wants to look good nowadays with a chiseled physique or slim waist. But is it really worth it? I mean sure, there are good reasons to lose weight and stay healthy. There are supplements to gain weight as well as supplements to get lean.

The world seems to have gone crazy with supplements while ignoring the basics of health.

But when it comes to the popping veins and ripped six-pack abs that many people desire, they are just aesthetic and are not a sign of good health. I even had somebody ask me about the best supplements for popping veins recently. I mean, really??

And then there are all of the other questions regarding supplements… I think the majority of those that are new to health and fitness have been brainwashed by the marketing that supplement companies put out. The clue is in their name “supplements”. They are supposed to supplement a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

An example of a question that I’ve received recently is do fat burners work with creatine? The answer to that is yes they do. But the term “work” is used loosely here and many fat burners actually do very little.