2 Tips To Break Big Goals Into Smaller Milestones


“One of the difficulties with achieving great things is knowing how to get there.”– To Achieve a Major Goal, First Tackle a Few Small Ones

By the time our seasons roll around, we need to have our vision for the season cemented.  Teams that make it to NCAA’s, or have All-American players, or other team accolades can probably work backwards (Weeks? Months? Years?) to a point where an intentional action toward a goal started.

The author of the article linked above says there are two critical things necessary to achieve a big goal:

  1. It is hard to envision the specific tasks that actually need to get done to achieve a big goal. I think this is critical as we think about our athletes.  They want to win conference and everyone’s fired up about it when you have a team meeting to talk about goals.  We’ve got to help them hammer down to smaller, measurable milestones.  In our conference championship scenario, a few smaller goals could be: 100% completion of the team’s off-season workouts, commitment to team-building activities, no missed classes during the season, come in early/stay late 3x/week.
  2. For very large tasks you often do not get feedback on your success until many of the pieces of that project are in place. The ironic life of coaching says that we may not know if our team has fully bought in to what we’re selling until we’re in the middle of the season.  It’s critical that coaches identify a clear communication strategy to make sure that every player knows what we value and what we expect about and from our team.  It’s also imperative that we continue to bring the big goal back as a focal point for the team.  We can’t just bring it up at the beginning of the season and think we’re good.

Equipping our teams with the tools to achieve goals will help our seasons be more competitive and more successful.