About Coach Dawn

I’m Dawn Redd-Kelly and I’m a coach.  I believe in the power of sport to teach winning and losing with grace, to inspire its participants to excel, and to create a common goal for the greater good.

Currently I’m the head volleyball coach and department grant writer at Beloit College.  Our volleyball team has made it to our conference tournament four of the five years that I’ve been here, earned the best winning percentage in school history, I’ve been named conference coach of the year, and the team has won our conference tournament to earn an NCAA Tournament bid.  I’ve coached at the high school, club, Division I and III levels…taking my first collegiate head coaching job at age 24 with the University of Rochester.  After playing volleyball at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I accepted a coaching internship working with the men’s and women’s teams at Princeton University and I’ve been coaching (and learning!) ever since.

This blog is a place to discuss coaching techniques and a space for us to make each other better at our craft.  Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “About Coach Dawn

  1. Dawn,
    I really enjoy reading your posts. I have gotten some great ideas from the book section as well. I will be sure to keep reading and share with other coaches that I know.

    Thank you for sending me the link! Good luck this season!

  2. Dawn…you’re a stud. I love the site and have already passed it on to a bunch of people. I’ll be leaving comments!

  3. Dawn,
    This is great stufff. I’ll be back in periodically — maybe I’ll have something to contribute one day. For now, I’ll let you coaches be together and share. When I read something that I feel I can comment on more fully, then I will. Good luck! I’ll be watching….. 🙂

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