Coaches Corner: Keeping Your Team Motivated During The Off-Season

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“Championships are won between January and August.”—UWF volleyball

When I spoke with Melissa Wolter, head volleyball coach at the University of West Florida, about creating a winning culture, it was pretty insightful. I’d watched a video she’d put up on Facebook showing her team getting after it in the weight room in the off-season. It stuck out to me because I’ve been on a personal mission to relay the importance of off-season work to my team. The quote at the beginning of the article is based on a fall sport’s schedule, so you can adjust it accordingly.

I wanted to know what Wolter does, besides scholarship monies, to keep her team motivated during the off-season. I was floored at how intentional she and her staff are with keeping the off-season fun while the team works very hard. It’s easy to see why she’s had, and sustained, so much success over the years.

6 ideas to help keep your athletes motivated during off-season workouts

  • Minute to Win It games.
  • Random Act of Kindness video.
  • Karaoke contest.
  • Thank team for their effort.
  • Leave motivational notes in their locker.
  • Text players after a good practice.

As you can see, some of the things are for the entire group, while others are for individuals. Wolter says she introduces new ideas every couple of weeks in order to keep things fresh. For me, motivation is such an interesting topic and something we should always be on the lookout for…even adding one more thing to your repertoire could make a big difference.

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