Goal Setting According To Pat Summitt

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She’s got over a thousand wins.  Over a hundred NCAA tournament wins.  Thirty Sweet 16 appearances. 18 Final Fours.  And eight national championship.  In her entire career (which started in 1974), she didn’t have a double digit losing season!  I think it’s fair to say Pat Summitt was an amazing coach.

When I found this article from when she was coaching, I was immediately drawn to it, because goal setting is something I know is very important…but an area I think I can improve in.  Perhaps you’ll find some motivation from Summitt’s words as I did.

Be realistic              
Setting goals is incredibly important to success. But if you set a goal that seems impossible to achieve—if you go into a year saying your goal is to win the national championship—then you risk losing morale, self-discipline and chemistry if you falter early.

But aim high
Set a goal that stretches you, requires exceptional effort, but one that you can reach.

Let’s keep our egos in check, coaches
Summitt says the best way to motivate individuals to achieve team goals is to bring individual goals in line. She hasn’t achieved her goals by herself. Her players have achieved them, and she’ll be the first to tell you it was their hard work that led to all of her program’s accomplishments.

Ensure your team stays on course
Setting up a system that rewards you for meeting your goals and has penalties for failing to hit your target is just as important as putting your goals down on paper.

Appropriate goals ensure accountability
The only way to ensure you become a winner is to set goals every day, and hold yourself and your teammates accountable for reaching those goals.

Daily goal setting is something we should all add to our coaching repertoire, I think having small goals and successes each day can help our teams achieve their larger goals.