Ode to Coaching


Keep coaching.

There. I said it.  Don’t give up on coaching.

It’s a great career where you make a tangible difference in young people’s lives.

Yes, it has long (thankless) hours.  Yes, the parents can be overbearing.  Yes, it’s easier for the athlete to blame you, Coach, rather than take personal ownership. Yes, you have to think of one hundred ways to say the exact same thing. (Like, literally, the exact same thing.)

But, you enjoy mentoring young people, don’t you, Coach? You enjoy hearing about how they finally “got it”…whether it’s in their athletic, academic, or personal lives.  You understand that you may not always get a “thank you”, but it means a lot when you do.  You enjoy your sport and love seeing young people who share your passion.

So…don’t stop coaching.

We need you.


I’m embarking on a series where we reaffirm why we do what we do.  Please join me.