Diamonds In The Rough

Regardless of where you are in your career, at one point, you didn’t know what you were doing.  Maybe you were really good at hiding it, but deep inside…you knew the truth.  So, you struggled.  Perhaps your team didn’t get as many wins as it should have based on its talent.  Or possibly your team muddled through major team chemistry issues due to your lack of management experience.

Someone believed in you.  Whether it was your athletic director or your recruits who still committed to the program.  You weren’t your current awesome self, but they could see it in your future and decided to get on board.

My guess is you’ve got players like that on your team.  Maybe they drive you crazy because they’re super talented but haven’t put it all together yet.  Or, even worse, they’re great in the gym or on the field with you, but are completely tanking in the classroom.  Don’t give up on them…believe in them, just like folks believed in you before you were quite ready.

I can’t guarantee that they’ll appreciate your efforts, but I can guarantee you’ll become a better coach through the process.